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Friday, June 29, 2012

Sew Spooky

OK, OK....I am bad...very bad....totally neglecting ever single project I have to do.  Instead, I had to work on this one right away...I even had the perfect fabrics for it...Primitive Gatherings, Seasonal Gatherings, plus a few others.
 It is called Sew Spooky by The Quilt Company.  Everyone who reads this blog knows that I am a serial BOM joiner.  If this one had been a BOM, I would have joined it in an instant.  However, only the pattern was offered from my favorite BOM shop (Shabby Fabrics) this time.  So I did the next best thing and ordered the pattern.  It came on Monday afternoon.  Now this will show you how seriously obsessed I have become with this one.
 This is the first block I made.  That little quilt is on preprinted fabric.  You sew a backing onto it, and turn it inside out to make a small 'pocket.'  The quilt pole is then attached over the open portion at the top.  But there is a little 'surprise' under the quilt, when you lift it up...an embroidered spider! (Sorry, I neglected to take a picture of that part.)
Here's the second block I put together:
Cute, huh?  A giant pumpkin house!
Now the next few blocks are done as far as the machine piecing goes.  They all still need the applique to be finished, as well as any embroidery.
A haunted barn!  Too funny...check out the little chicken's costume!  The windmill next to the barn will have an embroidered spider web for the 'fan.'
And another one...(I like this one a lot!)

The ghosts still need some eyes, as well as the pumpkins to be appliqued.
Now for the last two that are ready to be appliqued...the witch and the crow and pumpkin!
So....have I been busy, or what?  :))


Ineke said...

You've been very busy! It is a beautiful quilt and I can imagine you just had to work on it.

Darlene said...

Those blocks are fabulous. "Serial BOM joiner" that's just too funny. :-)