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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is it yes or no?

After going through my Mirabilia WIP's, I found this Lady, who has been "sleeping" for so long....Even after all this time, I still like her. Her dress is almost done. I do need to stitch the bottom banner, as well as the flag. However, I left those until the end, thinking those portions would stitch up a lot faster than the dress. LOL! How right I was...the dress still is not done. Lady of the Flag

So what do you think...work on her, or not? :)

Here's an overall glimpse.... I think she has such a sweet face.
Lady of the Flag(a)


The Euphoric Stitcher said...

You are so close.... and she is so pretty. I would have to go with finish her!

Margit.Niggemeyer-Tesch said...

Yes! She deserves to be finished!!!!

Chiloe said...

You MUST stitch her !!! lol It's so easy to tell other stitchers what to do !!! lol She's beautiful and do deserve her beautiful and gorgeous dress.

What? you are still reading me? You should be stitching her already !!! lol

Michele said...

Welll...I sort of knew what the answer would be even before I asked.:))

and, yes, I did start working on her again...;p