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Monday, August 25, 2008

Purple Scissors

Stash in the mail!! Don't you just love it? I had ordered the supplies for Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. The Waterlilies, the beads, the treasures and the chart. And...some really nice purple scissors from Premax of Italy. They cut really well and the price wasn't too bad, either!


The Euphoric Stitcher said...

I received my Athena in the mail over the weekend. I don't have anything else though. I am jealous!!! LOL

When are you going to start her? Looking forward to seeing your progress on her!

Ashley G.

Michele said...

Hi, Ashley,

I'm not sure when I'll be starting her...I still need to get my fabric.=)


Jan said...

What are you thinking of for the fabric? Can't wait to see your start.

Michele said...

I have one in mind, but a friend, Margit, is going to dye it for me. :)


Isabelle said...

Beautiful stash Michele and so many beads !!
enjoy !!