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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well, let's start with Gabi's....the new stash. Hmmm....sometimes I embarass myself with the amount of things I purchase. Therefore, that was one of the reasons I did not take a picture this time.
But I can list some of the things (if I remember them, since I already put them in different places!). With My Needles Fair Maiden Etui, the collaboration piece, A Petite Sampling Etui, the Workbasket's House ofAlphabets, Little by Little's O' Starry Night, Chessie & Me's Blossom Scissor Fob, Jeannette Douglas' Tiny Christmas Biscornu, all four new Prairie Schooler's and, of course, Mirabilia's White Winter Santa. Then there was the Acorn Box from Milady's Needle which I almost forgot. I also purchased the fabric for the Petite Sampling Etui and all the floss, beads and treasures for Winter White Santa....phew! (oh...and these were actually in two separate boxes!) At least if I am stitching on all of these projects, it keeps me out of trouble, right?

Chiloe, good to hear from you again! That little tree seems to bother a lot of people. For some reason, I am OK with it. It just strikes me as a new little tree just waiting it's turn to help celebrate Christmas. I think the Santa is supposed to be the focus. I am also thinking of a group type arrangement....the Santa, with the Sleigh, the eight tiny reindeer....so to me, I really wouldn't want a huge tree.


Chiloe said...

I want to see when you will have finished all the reindeers and the Santa: it's going to be stunning !!! ;-)

Don't feel bad about buying stash. YOu stitch it so there is no porblem. I have a huge stash as well and still love most of them and I do stitch every day ( so no guilt !!! lol)

I haven't been around a lot because I was sick so I was quietly lurking and enjoying your blog ;-)

Gabi said...

Oh my gosh. What a great content that box had. As usual we have a lot of likings in common. I got myself also the Petite Sampling Etui. And I'm drooling over the Fair Maiden Etui, Acorn Box, House of Alphabets. And the Traveling Stitcher from Little House Needleworks...lol.
Btw, personally I do like that tree with the Santa. I think it suits the design quite well.