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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Roses and Chocolate

No, no, it's not an anniversary or anything. This is the incredible design and finishing piece that Isabelle sent to me. It is a stitcher's case. Now the name - Roses (she used Dried Roses thread) and Chocolate (chocolate colored fabric for the finishing). How gorgeous is this? The finishing is totally unique, too!

Here's the inside with the needle page and the pinkeep:


The case has a little secret, too! I almost missed it:

Isabelle's stitching is fabulous! Her finishing is impeccable! Lucky, lucky me!!! I have it sitting out right in front of me wherever I am, so that I can constantly admire her piece of perfection!

Again, Isabelle, wondrous, amazing and gorgeous! I am forever grateful for your generosity!


Missy Ann said...

WOW. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this. Just wonderful!

Daffycat said...

Wow! This is truly amazing. What a gorgeous stitching case! You lucky girl!

Sandy's Cross Stitch said...

That is stunning. The stitching is beautiful. I know that you are very proud to own such a wonderful piece.