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Friday, October 15, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

That's why there haven't been many posts lately.  I finally finished all the little round snowflakes (which  barely show up in this picture) and the outer border for my Robyn Pandolph "Winter's Dance" reindeer....I know it is wrinkly.  I had to lay it all out on the table for now.  The jingle bells and all those red buttons are not attached yet.  They really do add a lot to the overall look, so I wanted to get a picture of them all in place.  They will be permanently attached once the quilting is all finished.

There are also a few more stars in the lower right-hand corner.  I did not add the final outer cream floral border on this one.  I liked it with the brown print and it was getting way too big for a simple wall hanging.

And...I completed two more of my Baltimore Bunny blocks.  One left to go!  I also started work on the piecing of the borders for this one.  No pictures just yet...I want to finish the last block first!

And...I am working on the fourth block from Tiny Town.

And (last one, I promise)  I received two more letters for Merry Christmas to All...Two R's, but assembled completely different.  I have those traced and ready for their embroidery.Whew!  See?  I told you I was busy! ;)

**  Missie - Just so you know...I did order this kit from Shabby Fabrics which included all the buttons and jingle bells.  I also replaced all the white fabric stars with wool felt in both pink and white. **


Blu said...

Gorgeous reindeer!
Looking forward to seeing the other blocks.

Missy Ann said...

OMG that is ridiculously beautiful. I Googled it; I now have the pattern!

Anne Marieke said...

That is SO gorgeous! Beautiful work, Michele.

It sounds like you are very busy with all your projects.

Giovanna said...

What a graceful reindeer! Well done, Michele!

Threeundertwo said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. I got this kit from Shabby Fabrics years ago, and got it out today. I couldn't find any photos for the placement of the buttons and bells - so you saved me!

I can't remember now if the Shabby Fabrics version left out the trees in the lower right. It would sure save time if I can do that. Is this what your final quilt looks like, or did you add the trees also?

Have a wonderful holiday season and know that this old blog post really helped out another quilter!