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Monday, October 4, 2010


That's what Klawd would probably say if he could talk.  The feeding tube is gone as of this morning.  Just some gauze and a nice purple bandage for a day or two until the incision from the tube is healed.

As you can see, his appetite is returning.  Klawd is now one happy kitty.:))

**  Edited to clarify how Klawd was diagnosed.**
Well - for a cat who wakes you up each and every morning at 5:30 - 6:00 a.m. to not do it one morning, was the first sign. :))  After that he just would not eat, was lethargic and slept downstairs (instead of in his normal place of choice - the sofa)...were just a few more signs. Since this alll occurred between Thursday morning and Friday evening...a trip to the emergency vet was in order.  After x-raying, bloodwork and his overall appearance, the gallstones were found.  However...only a veternary surgeon could take care of it.  So off he goes to another emergency vet hospital.  He was immediately operated on that day, since it was found that one of the stones was blocking the duct to his intestines...life threatening.   Suffice it to say, he is on the mend. :))  Happy kitty and happy Mom and Dad (who is Klawd's "person").


Anne Marieke said...

Great news, Michele!

Hopefully he will make a full recovery thanks to the clever vet who found out what was wrong with him.

Give him a cuddle from me.

Missy said...

Yeah Klawd!!!
I love your blog and look forward to reading more from you.

Wonky Girl said...

So glad your kitty is better. How in the world do you diagnose gall stones in a kitty? I guess like a person- jaundice, vomiting, labs and an ultrasound?
I like to see your stitcheries even though I am a quilter. Lovely work!

Rachel said...

Glad to hear your kitty is on the mend. Also glad to hear Im not the only one to acknowledge when they pick a "person" as theirs!

We have pets as do they :)

Isadarena said...

What a nice news, Michele, I am so happy that your little Klawd feels better now .
Give him a pet from me :-)
Have a nice day,