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Monday, October 18, 2010

My Post Office

Here is Block #4 for my Tiny Town!  A little mail box, a mail truck and a cute polka dotted car!  Looks like my blue washable marker showed up in a few spots again....I'll have to go over it one more time! :)

And my Letter R from Merry  Christmas to All.  This is actually the "second" R that was sent.  The two R's for the word merry are the kits for this month.  I just had to work on the one with the cute little mouse and stocking. 
The embellishments are not attached at the moment. There are twenty, that's right, count 'em...twenty buttons to be attached for this block as well as the little jingle bell and bow.


Blu said...

Lovely blocks. I love the Merry Christmas letters. They're all so pretty.

Deb said...

Your blocks look so nice. Love them both, but especially the R with all the buttons.

Anne Marieke said...

Both blocks are so pretty and your stitching is gorgeous.

No wonder you chose to do the second letter R first, that mouse is too cute!

The embellisments are lovely.
Very tempting.