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Monday, October 25, 2010

Would you look at that?

Ove 39,000 views on my blog!  Who'd have thought?  :)  Again, a special thank you to all who come by for a visit.  I know it's not always possible to leave comments....I'm notorious for looking at a bazillion blogs and barely leaving any comments.  However, I do appreciate everyone's thoughts and kind words on my pieces.

And yes, I have been busy (again). Lots of applique happening 'round here! :)) Here's a peek at my Baltimore Bunnies all gathered together in one place finally. I still have all the swags, bunnies and flowers to do for the oute borders.

My Friends for Christmas got a bit of attention this past week, too.  I finally finished the four spindly-leggd reindeer block (of which you can barely see three).  One more to go...the sleigh with a vine of holly leaves and a bag full of presents!  I did add the buttons to the "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree (not called for in the original pattern, but I thought it looked a bit 'naked'.)


ana~stitch said...

Beautiful, and congrats!!

Anne Marieke said...

Great progress, Michele! Love your fabric choices.

Both projects are gorgeous!

Blu said...

The bunnies look amazing! I'm just surprise you have the wall space for all these beauties that you make!