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Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy! Happy!

I had ordered Bunny Hill's Postcard Cuties for Winter kit and pattern about two weeks ago.  When it came, I set it aside in the hopes that I might finish another larger WIP.   But...now that the Snowbound quilt BOM is done, I was starting to miss the little snowguys.  Last night I pulled out the kit and looked it over.  A lot more piecework than there was in Snowbound, but it has twelve more little snow buddies!  The other good thing is that the applique portion for each block is the size of a postcard (4 1/2" x 6 1/2").  Quite small, hence the quick finish for Block #1:
(The seams in the block are straight, it is the angle at which I took the picture that makes it seem slanted.)

Too cute, huh?


Anne Marieke said...

Very very cute! The title of this design is so apt! Postcard size and they are Cuties. Well done Anne ;o)

Love the fabrics and the felt snowman. Too cute! Cannot wait to see the next block.

Bari Jo said...

Hi there - your site is so cute! I am interested in the postcard cuties for winter BOM - can you tell me where I can get the kits? Thanks so much! Loved your work! kbmoore516@comcast.net Bari Moore