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Monday, December 6, 2010

A little Santa

He is only 9 inches all. Believe it or not...the kit for this Santa was purchased way back in 1993-1994!  Now that is a long time to complete something...but he wasn't a WIP...just never got started on him.  He is a kit by Gail Wilson.  Since this kit was created there have been a lot of new wool felt products.  The red felt is the only thing I changed in the kit.  She had a piece of red flannel that you were to overdye to tone it down a bit.

I looked at Gail Wilson's website yesterday and she has a lot of her doll patterns/kits on sale at 50% off.

I think this one is going to be the last "doll" for a while.  Although fun to make, they do take quite a bit of time.  So back to some stitching or quilting!

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