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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My nutcracker has a new friend!

My nutcracker looks very happy to have a new friend!:))

  Count me happy, too, with a fun finish! My new Advent Angel by Robin Betterley for Wilmington Fabrics.  http://greatamericanquilt.com/store/choirofangels.html  She starts out as a flat panel of fabric.  Pretty much everything is included, except for her hair, chenille stems, interfacing and stuffing. (A few of the extras are what I visited Joanne Fabrics for yesterday.)   For approximately $15-$20 (I did get the panel fabric on sale for about $7.00), all that turns into this:
She has 24 little pockets to hold candies, trinkets and treasures for Advent.  She is holding #25 made into a little bag in her hands.  She is not a complete doll.  Her lower body rests in the top of a quart Mason jar (which, I am thinking, would be a good place to keep all that extra candy!)

I am thrilled with how she turned out.  Since today is the first of December, I better get cracking and fill her up with some treats! 

Happy December!


dixiesamplardesigns said...

She turned out beautifully, Michele! Now Nutter won't be sad and lonely witing for Christmas...


Siobhan said...

What a neat finish, Michele! You go girl!!