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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting there

My little Postcard Cuties for Winter blocks are all assembled.  There is still a bit of embroidery to do in two of the blocks, which I will do before attaching any borders.  There is a very pretty scalloped border to be appliqued.

I finished my Lettet H for Merry Christmas to All, too!  A little "Santa" letter complete with belt buckle, Santa hat and bag!


Anne Marieke said...

Great progress on Poscard Cuties for Winter! That border looks like fun to work on.

And your letter H is cute!

Great work, Michele!

Belén said...

Muy bonitos!!
El de navidad me gusta mucho.

Blu said...

The Postcards look great and the "H" is just fabulous.

Gabi said...

Very beautiful. Loving it all. The letter is so cute.