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Friday, January 21, 2011

* Picture Day *

Just a few pictures today....first, Brutus:
Isn't he cute?
Next....the fabrics I ordered from Bunny Hill Designs arrived yesterday  - yummy!
and last, but not least, Block #10 of Postcard Cuties for Winter:

I love the little snowmen heads! 


April Mechelle said...

Cute Cute Cute !!! I just went and checked out Bunny Hill Designs !!! Thanks for sharing the pictures !!!

Anne Marieke said...

Love all of them! Brutus is too cute, so are the snowball heads, and those Bunny Hill fabrics are beautiful.

Only a few more blocks to go for Postcard Cuties!

Deb said...

Brutus is adorable and those fabrics from Bunny Hill are wonderful. I just love pink and brown. And love your snowman blocks - so sweet!

Giovanna said...

This is all very cute! Especially the snowmen!

Siobhan said...

Oh my gosh! Everything is fantastic, but I think I love that cup of snowmen heads the best!! So cute!