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Friday, October 14, 2011

Is it Halloween yet?

First, let me say I am sorry if anyone is having trouble reading my blog.  I have checked and rechecked all the settings and everything appears to be fine.  I have no clue why the background would show up dark.  I currently am using a fall template that has all the code provided.

Now...Halloween, anyone?  I know, I know.  A little early, you say.  But I have three projects completed recently, all Halloween-related.  First, one of the newest kits from Shepherds Bush, "Get Scared."  (I didn't use the wording that was provided on the chart.  A fun little kit that stitches up pretty quickly.  You know I had to do this one....a sheep and Halloween?  Of course!

Second (and third) are my witch's shoes from the Bewitching Boo-tique Club from Bedecked and Bedazzled.  All of the items in this club will be needlepoint, with lots of fancy threads, buttons, brads and trims.  They will have an ornament-type finishing...hopefully, soon!
(this one has been done for a while)

I finished this one today...which is good, as the third kit should be arriving soon!

**Note:  Carol.....c'mon....get stitching on your little shoes! **


Erin in MI said...

All of your projects are looking great! A note about your blog - when I load it, I get a dark background for a second, then it loads a lighter background - it's possible that your blog isn't loading completely for the people that are having trouble with dark backgrounds. I don't know a solution to that, but it might help someone else find a solution for you. Good luck!

Anne Marieke said...

First of all: absolutely no problems with your background. It loads straightaway with the polka dot background.

Love all the projects you are working on. That little cross stitch piece is so sweet! Good to see you back with cross stitching for a bit :o)

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

awe the background is wonderful. Sometimes explorer take a bit of time to grab the code. Firefox has it up right off the hop, well that's how it is on our pc. I use the Mozilla Firefox to do all blogging and it is great but sometimes it doesn't show up right away or make some on my changes in explorer. just sayin.

Giovanna said...

Great Halloween stitching! The SB finish is really sweet.

April Mechelle said...

These all are so CUTE !!!