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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Bits

OK, OK...I just can't help myself.  Another new one...go ahead....50 lashes with wet strands of floss....;)

Little bits and pieces from the first block of  In My Garden, by Hatched and Patched Designs.  I am using wool felt (surprise! surprise!) for lots of the little tiny pieces for this block.  Check out my tiny trees:

I did not plan this for my bird...but when I placed the French knot for the eye, the pattern on the fabric, gave me this.  My own 'angry bird.'  (For those not familiar with the term..a very popular video game.)

And a total picture of my birdie.

A close-up of the little flower field

and the fountain...with all the pieces in place, ready to stitch.
There are still a lot of parts for this block...so - back to work!


Kajsa said...

How pretty! Love that bird.

LynCC said...

That's going to be really neat! Hey! Are you doing a "Patriots in Petticoats"? I am, too! I just caught all my work up on it for this week's BOMs Away post for tomorrow night. :)

Kelli said...

The Garden is lovely! I love Hatched and Patched patterns - aren't they great?

Michele said...

Thanks, everyone! For LynCC, I am working on the Patriots in Petticoats. But...I am not doing it with the recommended fabrics. I am using a variety of Kansas Troubles fabrics instead. :)