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Monday, October 3, 2011

More wool

In the midst of making my flower block for my little garden, I decided to also make a wool mat for the table.  Lots of circles, but very easy to make using my GoBaby! cutter.  Here's a picture of it all together and ready to be stitched.  It is only glue basted for now...and I notice (of course after the picture) that one of the little stems is crooked.  Not to worry, it will be straightened out during the stitching.

(The two black circles at the top are magnets to hold it onto my refrigerator, which has lately become my place of choice for pictures).
My 'bizzy garden' is all together!  Woohoo!  Big Hapy Dance time!   I will try and get a few pictures once the sun comes out around here today. :))


Diane (di) said...

Michele, I really like your table mat. So pretty and I bet it will look wonderful on your table... great job!

Anne Marieke said...

That's really pretty, Michele! I love it! I bet it is looking good on your table.

You are having so much fun with your BabyGo and wool felts. Looking forward to seeing more :o)