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Monday, August 20, 2012

Any Super Mario fans?

If you are a big person or little person and love Super Mario, here's the place to go for a look at a Super Mario character quilt:  Mario

My oldest son, Sam, has always been an avid fan from the time he was small.  Upon seeing the blocks, I decided to make one of them for his upcoming birthday.  I intend to make it into a large pillow for him to use in his new apartment...yes...he is a big guy now.:))  Check it out:

I deviated from the original plan of making lots and lots of tiny squares.  I made mine in strips, but used strips of colors instead of the individual blocks, where possible.

I showed it to Mike, my younger son, who thought it was great...but then added, "you know, Mario did have a brother....hint, hint...." ;)  Looks like I may be making Luigi next!

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Margaret said...

OMG, I love it! lol! I need to make one for my DS!