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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Christmas (again!) and more

OK, I know....I have definitely been on a binge as far as Christmas goes.  What can I say?  Most of the projects I have going are for Christmas, it seems.  I guess I love doing anything Christmas, because of all the 'warm fuzziness' of it all. :))

Here is another letter from my long-neglected Merry Christmas to All.  The Letter A...buttons are merely placed for picture purposes.  I will attach them, but since there are so many for this block, probably not until the quilt top is together.  Oh, the Letter A is supposed to be decorated like a Christmas tree.

I worked on this block the day it was released.  Here is Country Cottages September block by Shabby Fabrics.


And, something new from Annabelle.  I have had the drawings completed for a while.  However, I wanted to try and get caught up on a few of my other on-going projects before starting this one.  But...all those bundles (you know, I just mistyped that word as 'fundles'...which is really what they should be called...fat quarter bundles which are sooo much fun to have, to fondle....'Fundles!') of Christmas fat quarters calling me, calling me to come play with them.  So Annabelle and I did just that!  A bit of patchwork, a bit of wool and a bit of applique.  Annabelle's latest block, "Ready!"

As always, thank you for your gracious compliments.  I appreciate you stopping by for a few moments! :) 


baukje said...

Oh how I love your Annabelle!!!!!!

Isadarena said...

Oh !! I love your Annabelle very much : she is so cute with her blue ears and her little red hat : so so pretty!!
Iti s true that you always loved Christmas Time....perhaps for all the lights which enlighten the long dark days of Winter....for me, I am felling that since I live in France.

Deb said...

I am so in love with your Anabelle! She is so adorable! Your Merry Christmas to All looks like it's so much fun to work on.

Ineke said...

Annabelle is very adorable.
I wonder how you manage to keep up with the Country Cottages and so many lovely projects.

Sandi said...

Your A is just adorable, love the garland and buttons, great effect.

Annabelle looks dressed for the weather.