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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Dear Santa"

Originally, I had called this block, "The List."  However, my friend, Anne Marieke referred to it as "Dear Santa" after I had shown her the sketch for it.  I thought it was a much better name for my second Annabelle's Christmas block:

A bit of a close-up of her dress and hat:
And the entire block with a few squares and a pinwheel:


Isadarena said...

Your annabelle is so cute !!! I like very much her dress and her hat !
Yes!! I also think this name "Dear Santa" is perfect for this new block :)

Anne Marieke said...

Oh, Michele, this is so sweet! One minute you show me a sketch and the next minute you are done!

As usual your choice of fabrics is absolutely spot-on.

Another gorgeous addition to your Annabelle collection.

Pepe said...

Simply wonderful! Ohhhhh.... let we sew Annabelle! When? :)

Deb said...

So adorable!!