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Monday, September 24, 2012

The last one

Here it is...the very last block for Annabelle's quilt.  I have called it Santa's Helper because little Annabelle is wearing an elf outfit.  She is putting the finishing touch on her Christmas tree, a tiny bunny angel!

I used a chain stitch on the tree to resemble those old-fashioned paper chains, everyone made as children.

If you are interested in seeing more of Annabelle's Christmas, send me an e-mail at xstitchalley @ gmail. com (no spaces) to join Annabelle's  private blog.


Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to Annabelle,s finished
quilt.What a wonderful imagination
you have!!!
Helen Westbury

Glenda said...

For several reasons I have not been in to see Annabelle for several months and have missed her like one of my family. How much fun she has been having every adventure she has been on is delightful. I will write to you as soon as I can privately. Hugs Glenda