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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Christmas in July

As hot as it is here, you would think I would want to work on something cooling and refreshing...but no, I started Nora Corbett's Victorian Christmas Eve (a magazine design). I did another conversion to Crescent Colours for this one, too.:)

VIctorian Christmas Eve

Of course, as soon as I could get close enough, I just had to stitch her face. I love Nora's faces. She still gets some white Wisper all around her face, but I think I will wait a bit to add that.

(of course, I just noticed that cat hair! ooops!)


Isabelle said...

Wow!!I love her :)

Anonymous said...

she's beautiful!


Anonymous said...

She's very pretty, Michele!
You're going great with all the projects.
Anne Marieke

Jan said...

She is lovely.

Cat hair - just another fiber :-) I think all my pieces have at least one in them!

Michele said...

Thanks, all! ;)


Anonymous said...

Lovely start! She looks gorgeous already.

Michele said...

Thank, Gio!