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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

VIctorian Christmas Eve


A little more progress on my little Victorian girl. The greenery on this one is going to take a while. The ribbons, however, are much quicker....:)

And, I think I am starting a trend....there is another cat hair that I did not spot until after the pictures were taken..:p


Anonymous said...

Very very pretty, Michele. You're doing great with her. You'll have her finished in no time!

Anne Marieke

Anonymous said...

lol..you can weave those hairs right into the ribbon! hahahaha!

It is just beautiful......I love it and I LOVE your work!


Rachel said...

You are such a fast stitcher!! She looks great!

On a side note, I just finished reading your entire blog, lol, and am amazed!!!! I love watching your Chatelaines, just amazing! I can't wait to see more of them!

Michele said...

Can you tell I'm blushing??

Everyone has had such nice comments about my blog. Thanks so much. I love having you visit.

Michele :))