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Thursday, July 31, 2008


What?? You say? It's the Trick or Treat Fairy (ToTF). :)

I made a little more progress on her last night. I am using my own conversion from DMC to Crescent Colours. I especially like how her face and neck turned out with the Bella Rosa. It does not show that well in the picture, but I "manipulated" the thread a bit so that I could get the darker shades of pink for her cheek, under her chin and her throat.



Anonymous said...

That's very pretty, Michele and it looks gorgeous on Isa's fabric.
Anne Marieke

Jan said...

I love the owl. How are you liking the fabric? It looks very pretty.

Anonymous said...

She's coming along beautifully!

Michele said...

Thanks, all!! :))

The fabric looks great, Jan. It's just a bit tight stitching on it, since it shrunk considerably from 32 count to 36 count!