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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cupid and Ivy

Just a little bit of progress on Cupid...that gold Kreinik is...hmmm...such fun ....to work with...;)

Cupid WIP (e)

Ivy (sorry, she is really, really wrinkled):

Ivy WIP (e)

I did get her wing finished (which is always my downfall with these fairies) and a decent start on her gown, plus I added all the beads in her hair, as well as the gown. The wings still have to have the beads added to the outside area.


Anonymous said...

she is gorgeous! cupid too! lol

I still don't know how you stitch so fast and your work is always so beautiful!


Jan said...

They're looking great. Did you see the two new fairies? Morning Glory and Iris. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

They're both great! And yeah, I also love stitching with braids ;-)

Isabelle said...

Both are really gorgeous Michele:))
Congratulations !!!

Michele said...

Thanks so much, everyone! and, yes, I saw the two new fairies...very pretty!