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Saturday, December 5, 2009


Yeah!! My September A Tisket, A Tasket block is done! (Remember I said I was not stitching any words on mine?) This one originally had the words "school days" across the top of the basket handle. Plus the little dog had a blanket on his back with "A, B, C" on it. I decided after trying the little blanket on mine, that I liked it better without the it. Take a peek:I think this little block is one of my favorites. :)) The October block has a "sunbonnet sue" witch with a little black kitty (which I have already started.) ;)) Then it will be onto the "squirrelly" Thanksgiving block

The last block for December was released today....a little snowlady and a basket with candy canes! Getting close to the end!


Missy Ann said...

Your little dog is so cute. I agree with you about the wording that's on some blocks. I'll most likely leave it off too when I stitch this quilt (I've been saving the pdfs all year). I love the ribbon collar, very cute.

Isadarena said...

Rho !!!! Michele, I love this new block with the small dog : is he rusty ??? sure, he is in your mind:-)) he is so cute !!
Now, I can't wait to see your little witch sunbonnet !!
Many congratulations on your work : really well done :-)
Yeah !!! you motivated me a lot and just this afternoon, I started on my fourth block ....I chose the fabrics and I made the tree ....tomorrow on the little girl !!
Have a sweet evening :-)

Deb said...

Your block came out so cute. I saw that the last block was up this morning and I'm thinking that I should download these for a future project.

You've done such a wonderful job on these blocks and I really can't wait to see the whole quilt put together.

Ineke said...

This block is just as cute as the other ones.
Great idea to download the blocks for the future, Deb. I will do the same.

Christine said...

I love the fabric colors