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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Letter M

M is for "Merry" Christmas? M is for "Michele?" M is for "many" projects? or M is for "May" you have a Happy New Year? ;) No, no, no....(but it does make me think of the Cookie Monster's (Sesame Street) "C is for Cookie" song....)

It could be that M is for "my" new/old project.....the Letter M fairy from Nora Corbett. She is the halfway point through the alphabet, plus she is at the"midway" point. ;)

Take a peek:

You know how it is with the New Year approaching...looking back, setting new goals, etc. I was trying to see what projects I had that I might be able to get done this year. Of course, I would like to be able to finish all the letters, but half way's not too bad.

BTW - this is another set of designs that I had originally thought of using in a quilt....the one for which I already purchased some of the fabrics....;)


Carin said...

Great Letter M! For me it will be for Mother.

Happy New Year!!!!

Jan said...

I can see you doing these for a quilt. It is turning out very pretty. Can't wait to see the finish.

Happy New Year!

Giovanna said...

Beautiful fairy, Michele! And I love how the reindeer quilt is coming along. Happy New Year!

Etha said...

Oh the M is just gorgeous! I didn't know Nora had started this series, so out of the loop still ;)