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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some assembly required

No, no...it's not some toy for Christmas....:)
My Vintage Christmas blocks....they are fused together but not stitched just yet. Well, the sheep has her machine blanket stitching already. Now to finish the rest. After these two - only one more block to go...but it is huge.


Deb said...

Michele - this is just the sweetest looking thing. I can't wait to see it all assembled. Now I'm sorry I didn't go this one too.

corinna said...

great progress
i just appliqued (if I may call it that) one square and felt like a champ.....you totally rock!
my friend is going to quilt and bind it for me
oh thank the lord!
i admire you

Giovanna said...

Great quilting, this is going to be gorgeous!

Michele said...

Thanks, everyone! :)

Deb ~ this is one that can be purchased on its own...not necessarily as a Block of the Month program. ;)